Sonrise Children's Online Service

Sunday July 12, 2020 | Ages 5-9 

Lead by Ms. Patty

Hey Parents! We've designed our Sonrise online service in a way that includes your participation! From 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm we have a lesson for you to go over with your children at home which includes a praise and worship song. Then at 1:35 pm, have your children join us via ZOOM for our Sonrise Arts and Crafts session with Ms. Diane and Ms. Gianna! Follow the online service and lesson schedule below!  

Sonrise Kids Online Service & Lesson Schedule

***1:00 pm - 1:30 pm with Parents***

1.) Praise and Worship Songs

I Will Pray (Praise Song) 

The Lord's Prayer (Worship Song)

2.) Lesson: Peter’s Big Escape | Objective: PARENTS! Help the kids to understand that in today’s lesson, we’re going to learn an amazing story about Peter and his great escape from jail. Peter was one of Jesus’ first disciples. He loved Jesus and knew that he came to save the world. In fact, that was Peter’s job after Jesus left. He went around teaching people about Jesus. But, some people didn’t like that. They would persecute or bully anyone who believed in Jesus. One day, King Herod Agrippa decided to arrest Peter and throw him in jail. Not because he stole something or hurt someone, simply because he was a Christian. While Peter sat in jail, his friends gathered and started praying. Well, God heard their prayers and he answered. An angel appeared to Peter in his jail cell and told him to get up and follow him. The angel broke him from his chains and walked him right out of the jail, right past the guards! Peter was so excited that he ran to find his friends to tell them how God had rescued him. When Peter showed up at the house where people were praying, they were shocked and happy to see Peter. They praised God for answered prayer. We need to be remember the power of prayer, too.

Go over the Memory Verse with your children: Acts 12:5 But while Peter was in prison, the church prayed earnestly for him. 

Play Video Lesson:

Ask your children these questions after memory verse and video lesson.

1.   Do you see kids being bullied at your school or in your neighborhood? Explain. Why is bullying a bad things?

2.  Why was Peter in jail?   

3.  What did the church do while Peter was in prison?

Go over these Key Points of the lesson to remind our children:

• King Herod threw Peter in prison.  Acts 12:1-4

•  God sent an angel to rescue Peter. Acts 12:7-11

• Peter told the believers that God answers prayers. Acts 12:13-17

• We should pray for Christians who are persecuted. 

End with the memory verse: Acts 12:5 But while Peter was in prison, the church prayed earnestly for him. 

Sonrise Kids Sunday Online Art Lesson Schedule

*** 1:35 pm with Ms. Patty***

SONRISE ZOOM ID & PASSWORD will be sent through e-mail and WhatsApp chat for privacy protection. For access please email us at

What the kids will need for their arts & crafts: 
1. Watch the video
2. Read the Story
3. Be ready to play

*** PARENTS! The art portion of this lesson will stream live at 1:45 pm through our zoom account so our head teachers can interact with the children. Please see the video and read the story  by 1:35 pm and be sure to take pictures of your children working!  


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