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Visiting a new church for the first time can be a different experience for many. When you visit Love of Jesus West New York, be assured that you will feel welcomed and comfortable, as we are a relevant and friendly family church! This house is filled with people from all ages and nations. We extend an invitation to you, your family, and friends to join us, on either Sunday or Tuesday, during our worship services. We believe that the Word of the Lord has the ability to change each life and that it is waiting to be experienced by you! We hope that you will join us soon!


What are your services like?

At the Love of Jesus West New York, you'll find a friendly atmosphere along with dynamic worship music. Our Pastor shares a message of the Lord through the scriptures (bible) each week. During the message, our children are cared for and are taught fun filled bible teachings in their own classes. In the children's class, we incorporate musical arts as well as arts and crafts to help enhance their learning.

What happens when I visit for the first time?

When you join us as a guest, we introduce ourselves to you and have you fill out a small "Welcome" form, just to get to know more. After the service we ask that you visit our bookstore located in our lobby to bless you with a small gift.


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