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Here at the Love of Jesus West New York you can always begin to grow through our Growth Track classes! These classes have been created with the purpose of guiding each individual towards understanding God's Word, who He is, the purpose He has given us, discipleship, and how we can grow in the body of Christ. Below are the guidelines of each Growth Track week. In order to complete Track Class 401, Track Classes 101, 201 and 301 must be completed. Please sign up below for more information!

Track Class 101 (Week 1)

For week 1 you'll learn the history of Love of Jesus West New York and how we work towards fulfilling the vision of our house!


Track Class 201 (Week 2)

For week 2 we will explore the ministry of Love of Jesus West New York. You'll learn how you can connect to the house while developing and discovering your gifts. This class will also help each individual to live out their purpose while learning how to serve others by utilizing their gifts.

Track Class 301 (Week 3)

For week 3, our students will tap into the topic of discipleship while also learning how to discover their purpose. 

Track Class 401 (Week 4)

For our final class, our students will learn how to connect with the groups and ministries here at Love of Jesus West New York. 

*After these classes are completed, our students will receive a certificate of completion and are eligible to participate in our baptism classes!

Growth Track Classes Signup

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